How to Create an Online Store for Free Using Square

Selling online is the new way of earning a competitive advantage. With globalization, creating an online store breaks the barrier of getting customers just from your business locale. Here you can sell at any time, any place, and to any person regardless of their location. As long as the customer is on the planet earth, they can purchase from you, and your role will be delivering their orders. What a sweet idea.

But the worry comes in here. You have the desire of going online, but you do not have the cash to hire an expert to build an ecommerce website for you. Worried? Relax now and go for Square. Square is one of the leading providers of credit card payment processors. After you sign up for their free account, you get a bonus for creating an online store for free. This article presents you the steps on how to create an online store for free with Square. Here they are:

a)   Set up your free Square account

If you are new to this platform, your first step is to obtain a Square payment account. What! an account? Don’t worry it is free to sign up. All you need is to follow the normal sign up process. Also, you can provide your bank routing and account number. However, it is not a basic requirement as you can complete the task later. If you already have the Square account no need to repeat the process.


b)   Log in to your account and start the store creation journey

Congratulation you are now a member of Square. Now, that you have an account, it is time to build your store. On the dashboard, scroll down to the icon labeled “online store.” Click on it. After you do that, you will get a page where there are three icons at the right corner. Click the one labeled ‘settings.’  Here you can change the name provided to match your preferable name. Again, you have the choice of using the custom domain or purchasing your own. Also, if you already have one, you can link it with your Square store.

c) Define your shipping rates and deliveries

After completing the above step, its now the time to determine the type of shipping and means you will use to deliver your purchase to customers. Here, you can go for free or flat shipping. Determine whether you accept returns or not. Also, clarify your shipping duration and business hours in case a customer wants to pick their orders right from your warehouse.

d) Insert your logo and headers

Now it is time for making your site unique and establishing your brands. At this step, you need to move on to the icon labeled “store editor.” You can upload your headers and footer images as well as your business logo. Also, you can have a featured image to make your store more attractive.

e) Add the item you want to sell, connecting to social pages, and going live

Wow, you are almost done with creating an online store for free. What are you selling? Answer the question by adding your products to the Square store. Upload product images either directly or from the site library. Upon this, you will need to set your operation schedules to ensure the customers know when to visit you in case of an issue. Now you must inform your peers, relatives, and potential customers through connecting your store with social pages.

All you need is to add all your social links to the provided social media icons. After completing these tasks, it is now your time to get your feet on the road and start selling. This happens with clicking the launch icon on the Square Store editor bar.

Well done, you have created an online store for free.