Why You Shouldn’t Consider Wix Free E-commerce Website Builder When Looking to Build Your E-commerce platform

While most new startup business owners prefer to create their websites with Wix free e-commerce website builder, some are totally against it. Let’s look at some of the main reasons why experts discourage the use of free Wix e-commerce website builder.

The online store builder free utilizes flash technology

Most websites today leverage the flash technology. They are trying to get rid of HTML5. Flash technology is not exactly good for e-commerce website prosperity. In fact, most online users don’t like flash technology, which is why Smartphone makers stay away from it. That means if you use Wix, many people will frown at your e-commerce website and you might lose a ton of customers and sales. And because the majority of online users search products and services with their mobile devices, you might lose a lot more customers and sales.

Search engines frown upon Wix free e-commerce website builder

Search engines, especially Google don’t like Wix, partly due to its use of flash technology. When Google doesn’t like your e-commerce website, it means you won’t get good rankings. And that will affect the performance of your site. Note that many e-commerce websites today depend on search engine traffic to get sales.

Websites built on Wix free e-commerce website builders load slowly

Websites built upon Wix load much slower compared to those created in HTML. WordPress is a typical example of an HTML platform. Slow e-commerce website leads to massive abandonment. With concentration spans less than 8 minutes these days, you’ll need a fast-loading site to get as many people as possible to visit the website.

E-commerce websites built on Wix online store builder free don’t look elegant

With the population obsessed with colored visuals these days, elegance is a factor you should seriously consider when building your e-commerce website. Sadly, e-commerce websites built on Free Wix e-commerce website builders don’t look that good.  It might do some harm to your progress as an e-commerce business owner. 

Wix e-commerce website builder is pretty pricey

Although Wix comes with a free option, the paid options are expensive when compared to other e-commerce website builders in its range. The least expensive plan on Wix goes for $4 per month.


Although Wix has its advantages, including great user experience, creating professional-looking e-commerce websites, and the ability to easily create your site due to its drag and drop editor, it comes with its fair share of disadvantages that we have discussed above.