3 Reasons Why You Should Secure Your E-commerce Website After Building It with Shopify Ecommerce Website Builder

When building your e-commerce website using Shopify platform, security of your customers’ information is critical. There are many ways to secure your Shopify e-commerce store. One of them is having an SSL certificate. SSL is simply an acronym for Secure Socket Layer. It’s software used to encrypt any data transfer between an e-commerce web server and your web browser. This means that even if a hacker intercepts data being transferred from your web server to your browser or a customer’s browser, they won’t be able to read it. They will need a key to decrypt it, which they don’t have.

Here are the reasons why you have to acquire an SSL certificate for your free e-commerce website that you created with Shopify e-commerce website builder:

Gives your online store built with Shopify e-commerce website builder an extra layer of security

For you to view an e-commerce web page, your browser transmits a special request to the web hosting server that encompasses the page address that you intend to view and other things. The request and responses are conveyed in a simple, readable English language. That means if someone intercepts your communication, they can see what you sent and the response you got. However, when the data is encrypted, it won’t be in English. It will be in a programming language. That means only the person with the encryption key can read that data.

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SSL certificate increases the search engine rankings of any site created upon Shopify e-commerce website builder

Recently, Google introduced SSL certificate as a ranking factor. That means any e-commerce website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate will see its search engine rankings suffer.

SSL certificate helps with branding efforts of a site built upon Shopify e-commerce website builder

Having an SSL certificate on your e-commerce website is a sign of professionalism these days. It’s an indication that you care about the security of your customers. It’s also an indication that you keep up with technology. When customers notice the SSL, they will have trust in your business, and this will fortify your brand.


How can you determine if an e-commerce website has an SSL certificate? It’s simple, just look at its URL. If it has a locked padlock and HTTPS sign, then that e-commerce platform is secured with SSL. If it doesn’t have a locked padlock and it has HTTP without an ‘’S’’, then that site is not secured with SSL.